Relationship Story 101 : Between my BFF and his crush

Attention this is my bff story.. So guys tell me, what do you guys think abt his side of story. Leave ur comments below.thanks. He need a good advice. /::)

i knew this lady - Nik Iriani, a stewardess with MAS - since 2008 from fb, and I only ask her to go out at the end of 2010. she agreed and after two dates, I feel like she is the girl for me and want to build a future with her. since then i work so hard to get promotions at my workplace - and thanks to that motivation i managed to get one and increase my salary. i never felt that motivated in my life, never felt so happy.
three months knowing and phone call with each other every week, i can say those times are the most beautiful moment in my life ever. I hope I can confess my feeling to her on our third date, after she returns from Istanbul on February 2011.
yet upon returning from there, she start to shun me away. all my calls are not answered. i didn't put any suspicion because i know her nature of work, she could be very tired and busy. at the same time she becomes very secretive even in fb. i can't figure out why.
surprisingly on november, she contact me back and told me that she already engaged to another man -  a MAS pilot 13 years older than her - since May and told me as if she is unaware of my feeling. i was shocked, but kept my feelings under control. i did not want to spoil her happiness when contacting me to told that news. i just congratulate her - something that i am very reluctant to do for obvious reasons.
we meet each other again on march 2012, and i confess my feeling to her. she was surprised by my confessions especially given her status now, but i told her i already have eyes on her way before we meet for the first time. at the same time she confess to me that when she got engaged, many of her friends disappeared and shut her out. i am one of the very few that stays on despite what happened; and feels that my feelings and love to her are "very pure". she told me not to give up on her; i promised i will never give up on her, and hold to those words dearly.
so i hold on. i didn't even have eyes for other girls and focus all my effort on her alone. but all that becomes useless when on october after raya, she told me that she already married.
i was shocked and furious. i ask her about all those words she told me that night, yet now she told me that she never have feelings on me and never think about falling in love with me. even she have the heart to belittle me despite knowing my effort to reach her level and earn my money in an honest manner. just read this Dear John letter from her to me:
"Mana ada dating roh.. Date shouldnt be that way. If to u it was a date then what can i say. I nearly chock when i read the 7 kids part. Haha.. Very funny as i and my hubby only plan to get 4. U know one of my watches cost my hubby 45k.. Another follow by 5 other figures. Handbags,shoes,boots and clothes r all from the designers that costs him thousands. I traveled in first class to anywhere around the world. And i am the prettiest gal to the person who can afford me for what i want to hv in life. I am sorry but Can u afford me,Roh? I know u cant. But u can work harder and achieve ur dream soon. But not with me of course. Even if u can afford me,u r still not my type. In reality,u r a middle class person. (Mayb lower i didnt know)that i met with. I wanna c how u live ur life thats y i went out with u and it was not dating la. I am sorry. I know i am not the prettiest but at least i am a pretty lady. I am grateful with my pretty face and figure and the way i carry myself. I hv thousands admirers and u r one of them.I can still look pretty even when i am 60 if i know how to take care of my skin with the tech nowadays as long as i hv plenty of money. I know i do. How well do u know angelina jolie or nicole kidman or mayb the younger one,selena gomez. Do u know that they do smoke? I am a smoker,Roh. My hubby isnt. But he is ok with it as i only smoke occasionally thats d reason y u notice d other day i didnt smoke. I only smoke when i feel like smokin. And as for u,Its a something like u wanna marry taylor swift or selena gomez. U know that its not happening. And same thing here..So pls roh.. Dont think too hard about it. Stop dreaming about us,pls.. If u still want to then i cant stop u. Even taylor swift cant stop her fans to dream about her. Sorry,ya Roh... Nite2"
I can accept the fact I can't give everything that she wants, but to belittle someone's effort is a gross sign of disrespect. I never regard janitors to be inferior socially just because they earn less than me; in fact anyone who earn honest living deserves my utmost respect. Perhaps, she will never care how the living is earned as long as it gives all luxuries she wants.
when i think again, many things didn't add up. yes i was shocked when knowing she got engaged, yet i also have my own doubts; if she is unaware about my feeling, then why she didn't put any pictures of her engagement ceremony or put any status about it or invite me to the ceremony? she marry him because of money, yet i can feel it is more than just money knowing her spending habit and pictures of she able to bring her sisters, brothers, and mother to London for holiday. who am i to question her intention and motives too much, but i know she never being straight to me as much as i make things clear with her.
someone told me that such kind of behaviour should be expected from a stewardess; so social and live lavishly not par with their income. given the peer pressure among them to maintain social status, no wonder why she choose a MAS pilot - a captain some more - to get married with, and shun guys like me away.
truth to be told, i feel like my only chance to live a normal life have evaporated at that point. the day she married her husband, is the day i die. she wish me to remain the same because she find me a very wonderful person, but she destroys me with her own doing.
what i have done wrong Sofea? am i not do hard enough to get more money? or is she at fault for playing with my heart? what do you think about her really?

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